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Our end-to-end, white-label solutions give clients the fastest access on the market to the support they need- with high calibre specialists and industry leading tech to help hire, onboard and manage the talent they need to scale quickly.

We are a UK-based company with a wide reach. Our ‘remote-first’ ethos allows us to support clients on a global scale, and to source our own talent to match the requirements, time zones and languages needed.

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Our Story

Keep scrolling down and we’ll take you on a journey showing you how and why Join Talent was created.

keyboard_arrow_down In 2018 we were fed up with the status quo… keyboard_arrow_down Amazing things
Happen in unexpected

keyboard_arrow_down As award-winning leaders of some of the world’s largest and most innovative in-house recruitment teams, we knew what great looked like and we felt under-served by the propositions in the market.

Combining our expertise in modern talent acquisition, a deep understanding of employer branding and the application of emerging technologies, we launched Join Talent. keyboard_arrow_down

keyboard_arrow_down We now support some of the most exciting brands in the market, from leading start ups to international giants.

keyboard_arrow_down Our success story is thanks to the deep expertise and strategic vision of our leadership team combined with a world-class culture and a highly talented team of JT'ers.

We are a remote-first business with over 200 team members across 17 countries, and with a strength of culture and employee retention rate that is the envy of our sector.

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keyboard_arrow_down We are on a journey to become the world’s most trusted partner for embedded hiring support.

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